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Selichot Service at Bevis Marks Sephardi Synagogue, 20th September 2003 - 23 Ellul 5763

Although not strictly in the East End, the recent *Selichot* Service at Bevis Marks has an East End Connection by virtue of being organized in part by the East London Orthodox Synagogues Association.  I was privileged to have a ticket for the occasion and took some photographs during the service.  The service started at 11am and finished around 1.30pm.   Use of electric light was kept to a minimum and their massive chandeliers were candlelit for the duration of the service.  It was an occasion of great spirituality.    *Selichot* refers to special penitential prayers said on the Shabbat prior to Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year)

The Candles on the Chandeliers are lit for the service

The candles are lit

Congregants arriving for the Selichot Service

The Congregation are in their pews

The Congregants are in their pews

Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy delivers his Selichot sermon

Candelit Bevis Marks

Looking towards the Ark

Looking towards the ark

The Ark is opened

The Ark is open

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