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1920s and 1930s camping scenes from the Oxford and St George's Youth Club's annual week at Highdown, Goring by Sea

Waiting at the station waiving from the footbridge Sir Basil Henriques camps on Highdown hill
Sir Basil and boys waiting at the station, waving from the footbridge. Sir Basil Henriques camping at Highdown

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On the beach at Goring on Sea with Sir Basil HenriquesPlaying cricket...How's that?!Every year the boys and girls of the Oxford and St George's Settlement, Berner Street (today named Henriques Street), London E1 had the opportunity to escape the grime of the East End for a week in the country. These photos show some of the scenes from those days. The earliest of the photos were taken in 1926 on Sir Frederick Stern's Highdown estate where club camps were held for many years.  The Settlement was run by Sir Basil & Lady Rose Henriques (the Gaffer and the Missus) who are in several of the photos.
Above left is a photo of Sir Basil Henriques and club members on the beach at Goring by Sea.  Above right Oxford and St George's boys play cricket

Sir Basil & Lady Rose Henriques. Rose Henriques is wearing Oxford & St George's girls' uniform. Photo taken in 1926

LEP Transport's lorry delivers equipment to Highdown estate

Breakfast in the big tent. Force flakes!

Evenings round the camp fire

LEP transport's very draughty lorry delivers equipment to the camp

Group photo of Oxford & St George's girls with Sir Basil and Lady Henriques in the middle

Group photo of Oxford and St George's boys with a youthful Sir Basil Henriques in the middle

Camping on Highdown Hill

Kit laid out

A group of likely lads! Hope they had good lives

Girls camp flying the Oxford and St George's flag

Prayers led by Sir Basil Henriques

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